Psychedelic Dreams…

It was the day, and it was the night
I was awake and asleep.
I knew I was on the balcony
Gazing at the blue valley

I was also walking down the hills
It was not the snow that covered the hills
But the blue smoke from my pot
The sapiosexual in me was aroused
By the intellect of the universe
And I realised how stupid I am

My mind was absorbed into a pensive
Filled with fluid smoke
Blowing wind made ripples
On the surface of the deep lake
I gulped down the lake from a wine glass
It burned down through my throat
I was wide awake,

My senses sharpest and tingling
I knew every move of air,
And every ripple of love
I knew when the stars twinkle
And when will the supernova explode

Yes, I was god
And I was dreaming
A psychedelic dream…

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