From Delhi to Kathua

Two days back, a baby pigeon landed on my balcony, with injured wings. I tried to feed it and provide a shelter, but it didn’t come near me. I am a stranger for it. But I can see the parents of the pigeon through my window, always near to their baby, sometimes landing in my balcony to console the child. It makes me think about the parents of a girl in Kathua, who were searching for her everywhere for 8 days only to find the dead body of their daughter in a terribly abused state in the forest nearby.
People say that nothing has changed since Nirbhaya case of Delhi, but I have to disagree. A lot of things have changed since Nirbhaya Case and it is evident from the way the social and political organizations handled Kathua case.
When Nirbhaya Gangrape happened in Delhi and the society learned about the atrocities committed on her and the way the perpetrators behaved, there was a huge outcry. The people irrespective of their societal allegations condemned it and there were candle light marches everywhere in Delhi and protests at India Gate braving the water cannons of Delhi Police. A former justice of Supreme Court of India went to the protest site himself and joined hands with the protesters. There was no need for political heavy weights or even the surety that there will be sufficient people in the protests, to force people to come out and begin the protests. Everyone agreed the crime was a ghastly one and condemned the perpetrators alike.
I am not forgetting the single voices here and there, who were responding with ‘What was she doing at the odd hours in the bus station’, or ‘She was roaming around with the boyfriend and deserved this’ etc. But their numbers were very few and those few ‘nays’ was crowded out by the overwhelming ‘ayes’ from the society as a whole. Though the demands were, at times, too much unrealistic, the people of the country clearly showed the world and who ever cared to see that they have a soul and conscience.
This soul and conscience is what was lost in the past 5 years from our society when we see how the Kathua case is being handled by our society. A group of people came in support of the rapists and sloganeered for their release, the lawyers in the court tried to interrupt the proceedings of the court and the lawyer of the victim was threatened to withdraw from the case by her own fellow beings. Two ministers in the state from the party which is not only a part of state government, but also a part of the party which rules the centre lead the pro-rape faction of society. The people are still bargaining over the merits of raped against the rapists and vice versa. It took 3 days of intense media coverage for our Prime Minister to give a statement on the issue.
Yes, a lot has changed in the past 5 years and India of today is not the India which I loved so much and kept close to my heart always. The India I studied in school as a nation in making, where we were trying to integrate the nation, to build a common consciousness through our maxim of ‘Unity in Diversity’. That nation building has failed miserably if we have to know the cast and creed of criminals and victims before deciding which side has its merits.
I can see few people in the social media asking, ‘why only this case, why do not you protest against that rape case’. This case is one with very few parallels in the modern society with regard to the modus operandi of the crime as well as the savageness with which it was planned and committed. You cannot compare incomparable, you cannot generalise extremes. Mean, median and mode of extremities will never measure realistic tendencies. When issue at hand is extreme, trying to have a neutral middle stand is in itself the gravest sin. That’s why Dante’s said ‘The deepest part of hell is reserved for those who remain neutral at the time of moral crisis’.
Again I can see someone with a news article about the rape of a Hindu woman by 9 Muslims for 9 days. But I can’t see any Muslim organization that tried to interrupt the law or tried to even support the accused. Surely, It is a huge difference.
In case of Kathua Gang rape, if media is to be believed, the girl was kidnapped and drugged, kept in a village temple and gang raped repeatedly subsequently killed and disposed to terrorise the Bakarwal Muslims who migrate to this village every winter. It was part of a planned, chilling strategy to instill fear and drive the nomadic tribe out of the region by the Hindu Brahmins who normally live in the village. The signs of religious fanaticism and fundamentalism is evident from the charge sheet submitted in the court. I have seen people questioning the purpose of presenting the religion of victim and accused. When religion was the sole reason for atrocity, the religion has to be said. Ignoring the reality never makes better what had happened. When the crime was perpetrated based on identity the identity is a weapon and ignoring it is ignorance to the social realities.
But that doesn’t mean that all Hindus are rapists or all Muslims are victims. There are rapist Muslims, rapist Hindus , victim Hindus and victim Muslims as there is every sort of people in the society. However, while we cannot taint whole community for a few persons mistake, we shouldn’t forget that the communal identity was a factor in the crime and communal elements tried to use it to their advantage. The actual issue is that the ‘one nation-one religion’ theory put forward by Hindutva, including the terrible means to achieve it includes every barbarism of medieval era from lynching to rape. Unfortunately, this Hindutva takes form of much more lenient compassionate avatar when it is not strong enough and when it knows it may be condemned. This two faced Hindutva is a terrorising demon which every civilized human has to be afraid of.
The atrocities committed on the girl, the torture she suffered, is incomparable and all the systemic abrasions and deformations can’t be an excuse. The blatant violation of an 8 year old, with intentional malafide, to terrorise a community, to the extent of drugging her for a week and abusing her continuously, is beyond any type of human comprehension. Being a disproportionate crime, it requires a disproportionate response and please don’t compare it with the lack of response for other cases, because this case is much and much bigger in magnitude to other cases.
Tail End: I usually enjoy the arguments with people who have different ideological and political positions and viewpoints including in the social media. But I dont enjoy the debates and decided to unfriend anyone who comes up with argument in favour of the rapists, because those who support rapists are potential rapists and being close to them is risky. I prefer people who are normal and left with atleast a semblance of humanity in them.

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  1. Absolutely right !!!
    You have thrown immense light on what we incredibly missed in all the discussions about the issue….i wish more people read, not just read but reflect too….

  2. well said but d missing points i decree here.
    karnataka issue was not hyped in d media,neither celebs did hold placards as doing now,those guys too had done it saying it would lead them to jannat where 72 harlots r there to mesmerise them…none give it d communal angle since d victim is hindu…it doent fetch gimmick to d cool dogs of intelligentia candle was wasted on that issue..nobody said or drawn any pic showing mighty allah saying them dat he being proud on dis incident as kafir bleeds…nothing happened such.
    the thing is dis..d so called intellectuals non communalism doent add taste to their champagne…when i kill u brokers says ram bhakt killed ..n if u did it then it goes like 24 yr old young man was killed in personal rivalry..have a.note.of dat.
    every pre election time u have d feed like dis n all 5 years media n politician takes d benifits of kalma ordained brain sir n play as it suits them…
    have a n me can deplore n expose shit in d religion but we cant talk shit abt d religion..
    ISIS do bombings n have syria n lebanon muslim women as sex muslim terror..its a act against humanity
    here in dis asifa movie ..its hindu terror.what a beauty of dumbness
    i m d man n m no rapist n lord ram resides in me …inshallah u may understand

    1. Please read about Ignorantio elenchi…
      The answer to one issue is not another issue which was improperly answered. At the same time, the biggest issue in Kathua is not the gangrape, but the way accused got public support including the minsters. It was unprecedented, and in itself a huge concern. Everyone is trying to defend it by other rape cases, or other issues. Is there any specific answer from you about why the leadership of a party in power tried to support accused, why there is a group of people still protesting for accused, why the lawyers tried to prevent course of law by preventing chargesheeting of the case in court… These are the issues. Try to understand…
      Additionally: media had not reported this case in the beginning. The protest in which two BJP legislators took part for rape accused gave attention to this case and Yusuf Tarigami presnted a submission in J&K legisltaure opposing it. There after lots of media attention poured in. But initial 3 months media was silent.
      Next thing: it is not Hindu terror, it is Hindutva terror. Hinduism is not Hindutva. Hindutva is an ideology which believes in one nation one religion theory, surprisingly the same one as Muslim league, and also theorises of rape as a political tool. Please read MS Golwalker and VD Sawarkar if you have a doubt on it.
      And a personal note for your clarification, by belief you cannot classify me as a Muslim… I would better be a Pastafarian, or a Dinkoist… ?

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