Before the end…

Before the last drops of pain
That takes me away forever
Before the sun sets and dies
Let me leave the words for you
Yes, I am the wound that bleeds
Draining all the happiness from you
I am the burden of anchoring weight
That pulls you down every time
I know I am the darkness
That has befallen upon you
Leaving you eclipsed forever
The eternal sorrow and misery
Let me leave my words, here
That I had nothing but love for you
Admiration coated with awe,
To have all your lights just for me
This selfish shell of mine
With madness raging inside
Like an eye of a powerful storm
Which dishevells all your grace
But let me tell you again and again
That I had nothing but love for you
My cursed love, all painful
That embedded and nourished in me
But sorry my dear, I cannot kill it
Untill my soul departs forever
The key to your happiness is hidden
In simple riddle of my death.
But let me tell you this in all the pain
That I had nothing but love for you
Remember the pains I gifted you
Were the gaping cuts of love.
Poems and articles by Dr Haroon Ashraf ©

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