Annyan – The Stranger

I am a stranger amongst all
Stranger between the friends
Cause I speak
And they dont want to hear
cause I remind
What they wants to forget
I keep telling them
To remember the Ways
To remember the steps
All those things
From the forgotten past
Past that paved way
To this bright present
They sayIt is called ‘present’
Because it is a gift
But I told themIt is not a gift,
It is the outcomeOf heavy toil,
Done by those travelled before
Toils, you dont want to remeber
It cost wealth for some
It cost health for some
And life for yet another
Yes, I am the stranger
Who remembers all those
Strange things forgotten
Yes I am the fool
Who cannot go
Familiar ways of happy world.


ആദ്യം നാട്ടുകാര്‍
ഒരല്‍പം അകന്നു നിന്നു
മുന്‍പ് കാണാത്ത പോലെ
ഞാനെന്താ അന്യനോ?
നീയാരാ ഞങ്ങളെ നന്നാക്കാന്‍
എന്ന് കുട്ടുകാര്‍
നന്ദി മറന്നിരിക്കുന്നു
ഞാനവര്‍ക്ക്‌ ‘അന്യനാ’വുന്നോ ?
സമൂഹത്തെ നന്നാക്കാന്‍ ഇറങ്ങാതെ
നിനക്ക് സ്വന്തം കാര്യം നോക്കിക്കുടെ
എന്ന് പ്രണയിനി
അവള്‍ക്കും ഞാന്‍ ‘അന്യനാ’വുന്നു
നിന്റെ ആദര്‍ശങ്ങളില്‍ നിന്നു
പ്രവൃത്തികള്‍ ഒരുപാടകലുന്നു എന്ന് മനസാക്ഷി
ഒരു ഞെട്ടലോടെ ഞാനറിഞ്ഞു
എനിക്കും ഞാന്‍ ‘അന്യനാ’യിരിക്കുന്നു


Poems and articles by Dr Haroon Ashraf ©

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  1. comment i got through scraps and its replies

    Dr. Ashraf…read ur criti poem…hmmmm…i think u dont deserv any simpathy which i think u may not get unless or untill u say whatever u do..nd indeed why u r so worried abt other’s attntn and all if u r really doing it for god’s sake? and remember if u were doing all these things for show off nd all,,, then dont cry man….u were simply faild to atract others to ur show offs…so try agan nd agan..u may agan fail…a 100 times or thousand…. u r so strange man ..not because of ur acts ,,, i think because of ur words and thoughts…so change urself…and remember…A drop of honey catches more flyes than a galon of hall…..bye

    always try to critics urself first then the closed one then others…try that …u will see that the entir society may follow u…stop cry and act according to ur words….good luck.

    Dr Haroon Ashraf:
    easy said than done

    what ever we may say, we all are selfish inside, either for wealth, power etc or atleast for fame, or for heaven….
    I am just admitting my selfishness and feels much better, while many dont admit it, or dont know it

    A Poem is to be enjoyed, not analyzed…

    Dr Haroon Ashraf:
    if it was so easy to change oneself… the world would have been utopia or heaven, what ever it is…

    My uncle used to say my mom when she advices me to do this and that
    “himalaya, just climb it, it is very easy”…

    Dr Haroon Ashraf:
    and one more thing
    i dont deserve sympathy and i am not asking for it

    well Dr. Ashraf…dont say that we all selfish inside….come out from ur small world( i think many doctors and engnrs are trapd ovr there for nothng) and try to see d world tru d poor men’s point of view as well…and pls dont think that the entr world is here for wealth, power or atleast for fame like Doctors and other higher catgrs standing for…actually u people r in a jail where u all r living like Himojuens and felodigans… listen to me Mr. Ashraf…there are people who alwas begg for sympathy , atntn and care from the closed one others for nothing…they try a many ways and means for it…i agree that i an not that famlr abt u …but what u hav been filld n ur poem clearly indict that u ask people to mov on right path and all..and d same time u r saying that we all r living for wealth,power and fame…so my dear ashraf tell me u think that people who live for such purps would be able to love each other or would they be able to listen to u and come to ur stright path? u r confusing people man,

    Dr Haroon Ashraf:
    Mr Saleem, you are trying to analyze the poem again…
    and taking only the word by word meaning…
    poems are to be read between the lines, and there may be something in word to word meaning, but that is not the complete aesthetic value of art.
    I am sorry, i do believe i need not explain it all to you because i think you might be having more world experiences than me.
    You are prejudiced about doctors and engineers.
    if u beg for attn, care or sympathy or even love, that is a type of selfishness according to psychology.

    Selfishness denotes the precedence given in thought or deed to the self- wikipedia

    Dr Haroon Ashraf:
    i am merely stating the things and not pressing anyone, i am not offering any solutions…

    Dear Mr. Ashraf, ofcrs i was agan tryng 2 analyze the poem…i am rly sorry 4 dat…i tot that u hav been publshd ur poems 2 b anlzd and crtsd…i never knew dat …we were supposed 2 swlw it without a second thought…! and as far d meaning of ur poem is concrnd i think ur poem never had some to read inbtween…i too got many frnds who all r usd 2 write poem reglrly…all r had d same iprsn dat why Mr. Ashraf is cryng like a baby.. any way i dont want to spoil ur mud agan…keep writing…and try to open u doctors to d society …come out frm d banglws and airocnditn villas and try to write some history by doing something for public, but not with ur pen..but by act…otherwis its seems so pitty man…. u cant undrstnd it as u got some Kunchappu frnds who ar also from dat so called doctrs and engnrs gang…
    and ofcrs we all r delbrtly waitng to knw d meaning of ur poem which u had hidn in between…may we know that pls…
    I acpt ur sorry and surely i am having more world experiences than u..thats y i am sur

    Dr Haroon Ashraf:
    analysis and critism of poems are based on aesthetics as far as i know…
    and i am not reluctant to critisism and it will not harm my mood at all. Dont worry, keep on talking and i’ll be replying…
    You are prejudiced about doctors…as i told earlier I know many doctors who are more into society than anyone else…
    Every profession and every society has persons who are away from society as well as into society…
    And i dont think i need to explain each and every activities for claiming so.
    And as you are again on the same point i would like to ask what your rights are to question, what you have done for society? I dont mean to offend you, pls take it as a positive discussion…

    Dr Haroon Ashraf:
    Please read the poem allergy(i dont rem author)
    in Mathrubhumi weekly oneof last june

    Dr Haroon Ashraf:
    and once more…
    I Just stated the things and didnt cry/sk for sympathy…

  2. അലര്‍ജി
    ഒ നെഗറ്റിവ് ഒ പോസിറ്റീവ്
    രക്തത്തിനു ഒരോജാതി
    വാതം പിത്തം കഫം
    രോഗത്തിന് ഒരുനൂറ് ജാതി
    ബ്രാഹ്മണന്‍ ബിംബം കെട്ടിപ്പിടിച്ച് ചാവും
    ക്ഷത്രിയന്‍ റോഡപകടത്തില്‍ മരണപ്പെടും
    വൈശ്യന്‍ വിഷം തിന്ന് ഒടുങ്ങും
    ശൂദ്രന്‍ ഉറക്കത്തില്‍ വിഷ വാതകം ശ്വസിച്ച്
    വിഷയം മുടിയ്ക്കും
    ഇന്റര്‍നെറ്റ് പൂതലിയ്ക്കും
    ഇന്‍സാറ്റിന് ഫ്യുവല്‍ ഫെയിലിയര്‍ ഉണ്ടാവും
    രക്തത്തിന്റെയും രോഗത്തിന്റെയും
    ജാതികള്‍ നിലനില്‍ക്കും
    അലര്‍ജിയും അരസികത്വവും
    യുക്തിവാദിയുടെ അധ്യക്ഷ പ്രസംഗം കൊണ്ട്

    From Mathrubhumi

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