A Penguin’s First Swim…

The Penguin species breed in large colonies for protection, ranging from 200 to hundreds of thousands of birds. At the end of mating season, there will be hundreds of baby penguins in the nursery, ready to go out into the harsh world.

But the first swim in the real world is not only exciting but also fearsome. The predators of the sea know the mating season and are eagerly awaiting for the first swim of the babies. They know that the babies with weaker wings can be easily captured and devoured.

The babies are also anxious as they have to venture into the hitherto unknown territory. They don’t know what all nasty surprises are sneaking below the water surface.

Hence, the babies instead of jumping into the water and swimming crowds together at the cliff adjoining to the sea, afraid to jump. Everyone tries to push the other into the sea, to see what might happen, unwilling to jump themselves while trying to defend the push from others.

Once a penguin falls and others see that everything is fine, one by one baby penguins jumps into the water.  The ones who are already in water encourages others to join, perhaps because the strength of numbers will help in confusing the predators. Or, perhaps because the ones in the sea know that the predators can be outswum if you are good enough. They also know that now or later everyone has to explore the sea for survival.

You may be wondering why I said this long story of penguins. The same is applicable to marriages also, at least in India. Every one of your unmarried friend wants to push you into the marriage life. Those who are married encourages you to jump in. However you may resist, you have to get married now or later.

It is only a question of time!

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