About Me!

From the Beginning…

A Grandfather was reading some Islamic literature on Moses and his brother Haroon on a fine evening when his daughter was pregnant with her first child – The first grandchild of the family. He was greatly influenced by the personality of Haroon without whom the pursuit of Moses would have ended in vain. Haroon who was valiant and smart, but never got enough credit for himself while all the glory was only to Moses. Maybe, that grandfather wished for a grandson like Haroon who was the epitome of wisdom and strength. But, he also forgot the fate which will have him anonymous and hidden under the Moses.

Perhaps, that’s why I preferMelchizedek to Santiago* and wish to show the door to the people rather than walk through it myself.

Leaving the fiction aside, let us come to the reality. I am just an ordinary boy from a middle-class family, who completed graduation in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery from prestigious Calicut University and decided to try my luck and lack in Civil Services Examination. I failed in the last step twice and ended up nothing, except maybe a bag full of experiences about what all can go wrong in your studies, be it Civil Services or any other Competitive Examination.

Currently in Delhi, working as Associate Faculty in Alternative Learning Systems(ALS) doing R&D on the syllabus, developing study materials and guiding students towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Secretly, I wish the Public Administration and Malayalam Literature I studied as optional subjects would be put to use in some or other walk of life as much as the Anatomy Physiology and Medicine from my Graduation.

In my wildest dreams, I see myself as a person who understands the shortcomings of Schooling System that we follow and constantly thinking how to evolve it for the betterment of everyone.

(*The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho)

The Family…

Some links, from the large extended online family, I wish you would explore, read and enrich…